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Module 4. What Is Net Zero? A Global Overview Of The Drivers Along The Path To Zero Emissions And Reducing Global Warming.

What is net zero?

In this module, you’ll learn about climate change from a global perspective. You’ll discover how much greenhouse gas is produced each year and you’ll identify two important drivers of increasing emissions: standards of living and land-use change. You’ll learn the meaning of net zero, take a brisk walk through the international politics of climate change and face some ethical considerations along the way. You’ll begin to discover how your actions make a difference and how your future is closely intertwined with that of people living thousands of kilometers away. Finally, you’ll stand face to face with net-zero and make a decision on your next steps. By the end of this module, you’ll understand that regardless of who has emitted what and when we all stand to lose if no action to reduce emissions is taken. You’ll know the difference between net zero and carbon neutral, you’ll have a clear picture of the path towards net zero and you’ll discover that you can play a crucial role in reaching it.

Module 3. What Are Greenhouse Gases? Which Are The Most Abundant, Most Powerful And The Longest Lasting?

What are Greenhouse Gases? They trap heat around the earth.

Greenhouse gases aren’t pretty. In this module, you’ll take a deep dive into understanding them. You’ll learn about the different greenhouses gases, which are the most powerful and for how long they linger in the atmosphere. You’ll start to identify what produces them. By the end of this module, you’ll clarify how scientific evidence is now conclusive that we are warming the planet through our activities, notably the burning of fossil fuels.

Module 2. What Are The Effects of Climate Change? And the Agonising Extremes?

What are the effects of climate change? Temperatures rising, ice melting.

Get clear on the possible effects of Climate Change. In this module, you’ll learn how climate change is likely to have far-reaching consequences – for you and for the natural world – and you’ll start to identify them. You’ll understand how even a small increase in average global temperatures can be problematic and you’ll be introduced to the Paris agreement by the world’s nations to limit climate change. By the end of this module, you’ll have a crystal clear picture of what science expects will happen, if we choose to continue with our current habits and ways of living.

Module 1: What Is Climate Change? A Comprehensive Guide To The Whats And The Whys.

What is climate change? The Earth is heating up.

Are you right at the beginning of your relationship with climate change? Then start from a firm foundation. In this module, you’ll clarify what climate change is, understand what’s causing it and review the evidence for how much the Earth’s climate is changing. You’ll get an introduction to the Greenhouse effect and the difference between global warming and climate change. By the end of this module, you’ll have a solid base for the next steps ahead – deciding what you truly want for your future and what steps you need to take to get there.

Module 10: More Individual Action on Climate Change?… Take A Close Look at Yourself.

Individual action on climate change

Why the wait? In this module you’ll unpack the reasons behind the slow progress on mitigating climate change to date. You review the winding path that the scientists, economists, companies, politicians and their electorates have chosen to tread. You’ll discover how, in many of these cases, the tide has turned and momentum towards change is gradually gaining pace. By the end of this module, you’ll take a close-up and hard look at yourself and decide how you want to respond today.

Module 9: How Do Trees Help Climate Change Today?

How do trees help climate change?

Trees are said to give peace to the soul. In this module you’ll clarify how forests help to limit climate change. You’ll learn the difference between planting some trees and restoring a forest. You’ll discover how a forest is a thriving community, offering many benefits to mankind and the natural world, in addition to carbon absorption. You’ll unpack the different types of forests and their main threats. By the end of this module, you’ll know that protecting a forest to prevent its loss is always better than trying to bring it back and you’ll collect some first ideas on how.

Module 8: Soil And Climate Change. Protect Peat, Nurse Soil and Keep An Eye On Your Diet.

Soil and climate change

Soil is more than just mud. In this module, you’ll learn that, after the burning of fossils fuels, land-use change is the second largest cause of climate change. You’ll discover the soil’s role as a carbon sink and see why peat bogs and coastal wetlands need to be kept healthy. You’ll unlock the secret to how it’s possible to feed a growing population and prevent soil degradation through changes to agricultural practices. By the end of this module, you’ll embrace how diet affects both your health and global warming, and how land values that take account of natural services could help to redirect land-use choices.