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Climate change is a defining issue.
How will you respond?

Are you ready to give mother nature a helping hand?

This site is for tree huggers + anyone else who has a stake in humanity sticking around in a habitable world for the long term.

This all starts with you.

Are you looking for good, practical ways that you can make a difference?

Do you seek clear solutions which you can adopt yourself, many asking for no financial sacrifice?

Do you want to build habits, skills and thinking for a sustainable world?

Feel empowered and inspired to take action, having found clarity on what you can do to care for your planet. My work and this site is dedicated to sharing resources, ideas, technologies and knowledge, to help you make the difference that only you can. 

Here's an overview of the site.

The Green

Your free 10-module course. It’s an easy-to-read, yet evidence-based introduction to climate changeYou will find other free resources on climate change here too.

Green Living Handbook

Want to dig much deeper into green issues? The Green Living Handbook shows you exactly how you can make a difference, taking action to limit climate change today.

The Green Blueprints

The Green Blueprints is a blog to inspire and motivate you to care for your planet. Missing a topic that you’d love to read more about? Let me know using the contact form.

Recent posts

An Introduction to Climate Change

Who We Are

Hi, I’m Mel

I’m an optimist and prefer to see climate change not as an inevitability, but as an opportunity – to change, rebuild and innovate.

Aa a PhD-trained economist and life, career and business coach, I’m here to help you steer your path through change.

While climate change is already here, there is much we can still do to help slow it down and ultimately reverse it.

We have changed the environment once, by accident. Now let’s change it on purpose, and create a healthy planet, one fit for life and a healthy economy.

This is a journey that awakens creativity, compassion and genius. We’ll need inspiration to change and reimagine everything we make and do.

But perhaps the hardest part will be the filling in the details and having the courage to change our lives and implement our plans, so that we begin to live in a different world.

Climate change will be THE defining issue in our lifetimes.

How will you respond? Will your better angel prevail?

Who are you deep down, at your most authentic and very best? 

Bring with you your unique gifts. They will help to see every nook and cranny of the world you seek. 

And let's be excited again about our future.